Dr. Kim Williams – Vegan Quote of the Week #1


Note: You can also watch this week’s Vegan Quote of the Week on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tbHKkWFJP4

This week’s quote comes from Dr. Kim Williams, one of the most high-profile cardiologists in the United States, who has recently served as the president of the American College of Cardiology, and chief of cardiology at Rush University.

Here is our Veggies for Thought for the week:

Dr. Kim Williams has said,

“There are two kinds of cardiologists: vegans and those who haven’t read the data.”

Let’s think about that.

First, a saying made popular by Carl Sagan goes, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” And the evidence for this claim is pretty outstanding. I do encourage you to check out the links at the end of this article with some studies and some interviews with Dr. Williams! The data is really interesting, whether you like data, or if you argue that this is an “appeal to authority” fallacy, or even if you think you can interpret heart data better than the president of the American College of Cardiology, check out the data for yourself!

Here is one way that Dr. Williams uses data with his patients: In an interview on the Rich Roll podcast, which is absolutely incredible, and I recommend it to everybody, Dr. Williams talked about how different patients need different strategies for improving their diet. For some patients, especially if it’s someone who’s educated, it’s as simple as bringing up a study and showing them the results of what happens if you change your diet.

Dr. Kim Williams has had a plant-based diet since 2003, and we’re seeing increasing numbers of cardiologists following this trend.

If you’re seeing more and more heart doctors becoming vegan, there are two ways of looking at it:


The people who know, study, and live for health information are learning more about what’s good for your heart, and they’re are making these changes in their lives,



(Which is maybe a bit of a cynical view) Cardiologists are wrong/ purposefully adapting a diet that is bad for them so that more people will have heart disease so that cardiologists will have more employment.

On the Rich Roll podcast, Dr. Williams tells a story about staff noticing that he was eating differently at all the meetings and requesting different food, so they asked him why he was eating differently from everyone else. His response?

“Heart attack, stroke, and death.”

Now that’s an answer to give when somebody asks you why you don’t eat meat!

Dr. Kim Williams has of course been accused of pushing some industry agenda, but he says the decision to switch to a plant-based diet in 2003 was just because of his LDL cholesterol. His LDL cholesterol dropped from 170 down to 90 in six weeks. He’s seen similar results in his patients, where a change in diet could prevent and even reverse some diseases.

Thank you so much for checking out this week’s Vegan Quote of the Week, and check back next week! 🙂

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